Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Due to allergy reasons mainly, and my fear of a dry tree catching on fire, I put up a pre lit artificial tree every year for the holidays. Of course, this choice is part of my recycle/freecycle/reduce/reuse policy that runs in our family's lifestyle.
We bought the tree once and can reuse it every year. It reduces the expenses, helps the environment and looks wonderful! I love the fact that it is prelit too! It saves me so much time, and it is particularly important to use my time wisely this year. I would so much rather spend time with my wonderful kids and husband than go shopping for stuff. 

This year we are making most of the presents ourselves and as every year we emphasize the importance of being with family and friends rather than contributing to overwhelming consumerism. If you go to the mall you have to wonder if and what crisis/recession is going on in our country - stores are full of people. And i noticed they are stressed and grumpy looking.

I choose not to spend my days before the holidays shopping and frantically trying to get that super duper deal. Sometimes we forget how much good we already have in our lives - our friends, family, roof over our heads, jobs, food, clothes, beautiful nature around us. I am grateful for all the wonderful people in my life and I am looking forward to a peaceful and hopefully snowy holidays :)

I called this painting "Good Luck" - crows are thought to bring good luck in many cultures.

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