Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Packaging paintings for the show in July

I made some cushy bags for the paintings for the next show. I have been thinking about how to transport them to and from shows and read about this double bubble wrap insulation online. I bought the insulation and a few hours of labor later I have my transport bags ready. I also made a flap for the bags so they can close and used industrial strength velcro to close the flap. Now my paintings will be well protected in transport and can be easily stored away after the show (if they do not sell ;))

I have two shows coming up in July plus a few more paintings to frame etc, so next month will be pretty busy - especially the beginning of the month, and I like to be prepared.

One show is a solo show at Blue Curve Gallery at the Glenrose rehab hospital and the other is at Bookstore on Perron street in St. Albert (starting on July 3rd at Artwalk night)

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