Thursday, October 9, 2014

New Exhibits scheduled for 2015

My first solo show in 2015 is in January, at Gallery at Milner in Downtown Edmonton. I am looking at the wall space available  and realizing that I better get to work right away to have enough work to fill the space! Usually, an artist has to apply for a show well in advance and in the mean time paintings sell! Or, you start thinking that the work you originally planned to have in the show is just not good enough for a solo show. This time I have both of these issues and am thinking today about what to do next for this show. Thankfully, I have 2.5 months to put things together, and that is a plenty of time! I plan to kick start the New 2015 Year in style!

This entire year I have been working furiously on improving my technique, on getting better at drawing, and thinking about the direction I want to take my art in the future.

Every small, daily, painting I finished this year is a small step forward for me. I study animal anatomy and features in every painting. I spent a lot of time observing different animals at zoos, in nature, and animal sanctuaries this year. I hope to do even more next year and I will write more about it as well.

I am starting to think about goals for the next year. I don't think it is too early to do it and I will try and keep them simple, and take one step at a time. Yesterday I completed four applications for shows and one grant. I never expect to get accepted, but prepare as if I will be accepted for each one of those shows!

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