Friday, January 30, 2015

Day 30, 30 in 30 days, Poppies in the wheat field by Natasa Vretenar

Wow, I made it through the challenge. It was not an easy one for several reasons. First, someone was sick every day this month in our family - we just could not shake off the colds, coughs, fever etc.  A lot of thinking went into this series and I stuck to happy subjects and lovely landscapes, symbols, historical details from my motherland.

All of these paintings are somehow related to Bosnia and Hercegovina, and a lot of them are something that reminds me of my childhood and bring back happy memories of growing up in the former Yugoslavia. I wanted to work on a series of paintings about Bosnia for a long time and doing daily paintings for 30 days in a row was a good way to start it!

When doing a theme like this for a whole month, it keeps me focused and I don't expect to make a great painting every day. I consider each painting a practice, an exercise for trying new techniques, new materials, new supports. And each painting is an idea. A snapshot of something that can be used later for a larger painting in the future.

The last painting for day 30 is a wheat field with poppies and a farm house before the storm. It is 24x36".

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