Monday, January 5, 2015

Skakavac waterfall, Day 5, 30 in 30 days by Natasa Vretenar

I had a bit of a hard time with this painting. it is 8x16" but the scale of the waterfall is huge and I would love to do a large painting of it at some point. Working smaller after making some really large paintings in December has been a challenge these past 5 days! 
There are plants growing under the waterfall and there are many colours in the rock behind which are difficult to capture. I also toned down my palette big time for this painting.


From Wiki:

Skakavac is a waterfall located 12 km from Sarajevo, the capital ofBosnia and Herzegovina. Its height is about 98 m.

The Skakavac waterfall near Sarajevo is one of the greatest and most attractive waterfalls in BiH and it stands for a real tourist attraction. The waterfall is 98 metres high and placed in the landscape of exceptional beauty. The surroundings are one of the most heterogenic areas in that region dominated by spruce and fir and beech and fir forests with spruce on more pronounced slopes. On shallow carbon grounds in the vicinity of the waterfall, there are termofil forests and underbrushes of eastern hornbeam and autumn locust as well as eastern hornbeam and manna ash. The rocks surrounding the waterfall have a very interesting vegetation dominated by endemic and relic types. The waterfall at Skakavac is for more than one reason, one of the most attractive tourist sites in the vicinity of Sarajevo.

The name Skakavac means grasshopper

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