Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wrapping it up by Natasa Vretenar

Today was the last day of my show at Milner Gallery and we picked up the paintings. Thank you to all who had a chance to stop by and look at my paintings - hope you enjoyed the show!

This month went by really quickly - I stuck with the challenge and am glad I painted 30 paintings in 30 days. I painted several large paintings and that is an accomplishment as well, especially considering that someone in my family was sick every day this month (including me for a few weeks!). We are all feeling better after a nice week of wonderful, warm weather (above zero in January!).

My goal in painting daily small paintings is to practice, to try out new materials, techniques, different brand paints and media. This month I used Kroma paint from a manufacturer in BC. I like the brightness of colour, and have mixed feelings about the thickness of the paint. It works great for me when I use modelling paste to build up the layers in my painting. I find it is not as great to use in huge thick chunks as it dries slower than Golden acrylic paint and is thinner so bubbles may form. For me that could be a bonus though - depending what I am painting. I will continue playing with Kroma paint, and will order more colours soon. So far, I used yellows and reds, and they are wonderful.

All of the challenge paintings are on my pinterest page as well :).

Here is the collage of my 30 in 30 days paintings from January 2015.


  1. Congratulations on completing the challenge, it has been wonderful to see your work!

  2. Thank you Rolina! Much appreciated :)! It was a good month

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