Friday, February 20, 2015

Elk Island, 3x6 ft by Natasa Vretenar

This painting is large 3x6 ft painting. It takes me a while to finish large paintings like this, and I usually work on a few smaller ones concurrently.

I am not sure if i am done with it - may work more on it later but for now i will leave as is.

Elk Island is a beautiful national park and it is very close to us - less than an hour drive from Edmonton. I like aspens and they were one of the first things I painted while I lived in NM and CO. Aspen groves here are a bit different than those in New Mexico and Colorado. Aspens are skinnier and branches are thick and undergrowth is very thick.  Branches also stay on the trees, and are not taken down by animals or weather, so no "eyes" on the trees like in Colorado. Fascinating really, but a nightmare for a painter haha!

This painting has a bit of a different colour palette - I initially wanted it to be a winter painting and muted all my colours but as I progressed I added more colour to it and  I like it  a lot more!

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