Thursday, October 22, 2015

MakeIt Edmonton preparation, Natasa Vretenar

Now that the show is hung at GRH, I can breathe a bit easier. I took time yesterday to apply for a few more potential shows in the future and started thinking about what to bring to MakeIt and how to organize myself. This show is going to last 4 full days and there are about 20 other artists and hundreds of makies (food, clothing etc). This is my first artisan show on this scale. I am a bit curious how it will go since people who visit will not visit necessarily to look at (and buy) art. Edmonton really needs an indoor fine art show.

I am planning on bringing florals, landscapes and animals to the show and have each theme on one of my booth walls.

I am also continuing my work on the koi pond. Several paintings are at different stages of completion now (9 total)

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