Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Move in day

Today i got the keys for my new art studio and I moved in. It is good to have a space outside home to create in. I feel that I have been quite productive in the past few years - working in my living and dining rooms, but it was time to move the studio out! We will see how it goes.
My humongous easel needed to be completely disassembled and reassembled and that took most of the day. I still have to put a few more pieces together and bring more art supplies and canvases in. It is really exciting to set up the studio and not worry about messing the floors or walls up :). I wonder if that kind of freedom to be messy will affect my creative output.

Today we got our first snow. Thankfully, our winter tires are on now too and we are ready for more! Bring it on, winter!

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