Saturday, November 21, 2015

Other benefits of preparing for the show

Putting together a show is a lot of work. From choosing a theme, to finding a place where to exhibit to doing the actual paintings, it takes many months to put everything together.

One of the important things about the shows is that it forces me to review my inventory and label everything and a lot of times even rework the paintings I want to take to the show. I spent several days this week going through my paintings and packed quite a few of them in polyethylene bags to take to the show next week. I find that the polyethylene bags work well (4 mil) for my acrylic paintings to protect them in transit to and from the show. They are of course not environment friendly but I reuse them and store my paintings in them to protect them from dust and scratching. I order them from U-Line here in Canada. Their shipping is fast and reliable for many supplies I needed (including grid wall accessories).

I have mostly packed my floral paintings so far, but three bears are going as well. I am sure there will be more animals ready to go by next week.

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