Friday, January 15, 2016

#7 Buffalo by Natasa Vretenar


Taking a little break from corvids.

It is going to dip below -24 deg C and it will feel like -35 deg C with wind tomorrow. This is not my favourite weather for sure, but it is nice to have shelter, heat and food in the fridge. I am grateful for that. I have never really liked winter, but I embrace it. Started cross country skiing and I am getting better at it and like it. I can't stop thinking about my first flight into AZ desert though - it was a love at first heat blast on my face! Some day I will write more about it. It is kind of funny how I ended up moving to a frozen prairie :)

I was trying to paint in a more muted palette recently and I got stuck. It was just not working for me. I had to bring out my bright colours and add them to my painting.

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