Friday, January 1, 2016

Day 1, 30 in 30 days challenge 2016 - "Are you OK?"

It is always exciting to write a new year for the first time - yes it is 2016!
We danced our way into this year. I woke up at 9 and snuck out to my studio to paint for a few hours. It was the best way to start a new day and a new year.

After lunch I went xc skiing at Hawrelak park. This was my first time on skis in ages - last time was before the kids, when we lived in New Mexico, USA (some 13 years ago!). I only fell down once and got a decent workout, although I still have to work a lot on my balance.

This is my first painting in this year's 30 in 30 days challenge. It is 8x10" "Are you OK?" Ravens are real social creatures and have been observed to show compassion for their fellow unkindness members. Quite amusing that we humans call a group of ravens an unkindness.

I hope to see more kindness in my surroundings this year, and wish you all the same.



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