Sunday, January 24, 2016

My studio

I finally took a few pictures of my work space. I have a lot of storage in my studio, and still a lot of space to work on large canvases. 
Here is my large easel - these two canvases are 5 ft tall by 3 feet wide each. The easel can easily accommodate even taller canvases but I am limiting myself to this size because of the transportation issues (and storage issues). I like that I have about 12 feet to walk back to look at the paintings in progress from a distance to see the "big picture". 

Storage of blank canvases, completed works and works in progress is always an issue. Moving into my new work space forced me to organize my inventory. Things are a bit more manageable now. Costco came to my rescue regarding the storage issue. I bought three shelves on wheels. If I ever need to move it will be a breeze to wheel these out. They fit perfectly onto one wall and I arranged the shelves so they can hold my 2x3 ft canvases as well as a lot of supplies and packaging things for shipping. I think that I have enough storage space for at least a year or two at my productivity rate. 
Here is my horizontal working surface table - 6 ft long. I use it a lot - to do varnishing and play with pouring media. It also holds my paints and brushes and palette knives when I am working on the big easel. 



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