Sunday, January 24, 2016

North Saskatchewan River Walk I and II, Natasa Vretenar

Took this in my studio today with a phone camera. Each painting is 5 ft tall and 3 ft long. I have been building a lot of texture on this one and used quite a few different acrylic mediums. I will take better pictures soon to show the details and textures in these two pieces. It was really fun to paint a landscape on this scale and of my favourite season - Fall!

Edmonton is a beautiful place to live in. I am working on an ongoing series of paintings inspired by Edmonton's nature, people etc.

I consider these two paintings to be an equivalent of 30 small paintings (one sq foot or smaller) so technically my 30 in 30 days challenge is satisfied :). I will continue working on the smaller canvases until the end of the month, and hopefully be able to stick to corvids. Sometimes creativity flows in unexpected direction and one just has to take that direction and forget the initial plan for a while.

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