Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Working on new series

I have been sketching for a new series for a while now and developing something new in my art. It is a scary, but exciting path to take. It takes guts to depart from safe subjects like florals or landscapes and work on a series that is inspired by personal experiences and historical research. It will be a while until I can show this new work and still have tons of work to do, but hopefully it will all be ready for a solo show in several months.

In the mean time, I made a decision to move out of my studio. The space was good and affordable, but I could not work in it because it was getting the dust from a sculpture studio next door and my allergies did not allow me to be there more than a few hours at the time. No fun! I am now looking for a space with natural light and hopefully bigger, but it is hard to find something suitable in Edmonton. Will keep looking, and while searching, I continue working at home. It has been great painting on the terrace during the summer, and I will be able to do that for a few more weeks, and then moving all the activities indoors.

It is a bit crowded at our place now that all my babies aka paintings are back, but it makes it cozy and is motivating to do more art!

I have two shows going on at Glenrose - One in the Inspire gallery and one in the Mezzanine Gallery until end of September.

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