Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Windows series collage 2016

I received another rejection letter in the mail yesterday. It was for a project that I really would have liked to get, and I was initially quite bummed about not getting in. However, this is a life of an artist - some calls you get and some you don't. The creativity goes on, stronger than ever.

I finished 12 paintings of animals, and I will for now move on to another project. All these animals I chose to paint for this series are from the old world. They all live in Bosnia where I grew up. I is taking me a while to write up stories for each painting, and I will be adding these stories as I go.

Now, I am on to my other project that I have been working on - it is coming along nicely. I am using different media to achieve a particular texture and this takes some time, as different media needs at least 3-4 days to completely dry and then I layer other media on top of the original layer. So it takes more time to build the texture. I love working with acrylics because it does allow me to work fairly quickly between the layers.

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