Tuesday, December 13, 2016


December is an intense month for me, a month that brings an avalanche of memories, mixed with holiday cheer and crisp snow. Here is our poinsettia - it is really big and bright red. I love it and could not resist bringing it home from the store the other day.

I love to decorate the house and I usually do it early in December, but this year I am taking things slow and I just hung the stockings up on the mantle today. We love to spend Christmas in Canada - it has always been a white Christmas since we moved here four years ago. We already have some snow on the ground, but it looks like there will be more before the 25th. 

This year, I downsized our tree and got us a white pencil tree - it fits in our living room nicely and blends in our contemporary decor. It is so nice to sit by the fire (and we needed it in the last 2 weeks during the arctic air blast) and look at the tree when it gets dark.

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