Monday, December 26, 2016


It is always festive at our house for the holidays. I love this part of the year, and this year we got some snow for Christmas. For me it does not get busy, as I hate shopping. I also keep consumerism to a minimum. We share meaningful gifts - handmade items, artwork, fun cards, things one can build or carve, or gifts of events. Santa has been good this year and gave us tickets to Cirque - Toruk production here in Edmonton. It was a fun show and we all enjoyed it.

This painting "The Light Pillar" recently sold (12x12"). I personally love this painting - it shows the view from our place in the winter time. Light pillars are formed when it is really cold outside and the sky that day I saw this pillar was magnificent. Winter can be very colourful and beautiful. I enjoy the brief moments in which light explodes with colour and reflects from the fresh snow.

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