Tuesday, April 18, 2017


We are having a snowy week here in Edmonton. No signs of spring except at the Muttart Conservatory. It is my favourite place to visit when the sky is gray or white. Their main pyramid is full of tulips and other bulbs in bloom and it smells divine. I love it.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Travel, fun, routines

I have been traveling for a couple of weeks, and did not have a chance to write at all. April is a busy month for us - 3 birthdays and an anniversary, plus Easter celebration. It is my favourite month of the year, but it sure is a busy one, especially when you throw a trip in.

I have never been to Hawaii before and I love it! We spent 2 weeks in Oahu and explored the entire island. I am inspired to make a series of paintings based on our travel there. But first, i am gearing up to finish my Canada 150 project - I have only 10 more paintings to finish, and then I have to varnish and put wire on the back for about 50 more and it will be done. I am still looking for a place to show all the paintings together and no luck so far. I am hoping that at least one application I sent out will support local artist. Edmonton is a tough place to be an artist. There are not that many places to show art, and galleries do not support local artists much.

There are a couple of old projects that I have to finish still, and I have a couple new ones in mind. Exciting to think about working on all that! Today I am cleaning up our place and going to take a long hike to shake off some of that food coma from this weekend. Tomorrow is a good day to get back into my routine.

Here is a photo of the first 50 paintings for the Canada 150 project. I really hope to find a place to show all the paintings together - it would be great to see them as an entire group.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Monday, March 20, 2017

#131 Train

In addition to working on my #canada150 project, I am continuously working on writing proposals for new exhibits and a few grants that are available out there. I have gotten better at it but it is still not my thing. It takes me forever to write up something. Since English is my second language, there are always issues with writing and articulating what I really want to say. 
I am also working on making a video for the application for the Coast to Coast expedition - they are looking for visual artist to join the crew and travel throughout Canada. I am hoping to get picked for the NW leg of the expedition. 

#130 The Perfect Snowman

I think I will never grow up - I love going out there with my kids and play in the snow. Once I overheard someone scolding their child and saying that their snowman is not perfect, because it was crooked a bit and eyes were not aligned "properly". It really made me upset, because I truly believe that every snowman is a perfect snowman.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

#129 Timbits

What can be more Canadian than Timbits? We were unfamiliar with this doughy, sugary goodness before moving to Canada and my kids absolutely love them now! Well, I do too, but I try to stay away from them ;).

#128 Sharp Tailed Grouse

#127 Rock Ptarmigan

#126 Grey Owl

#125 Steller's Jay

#124 Chickadee

#123 Puffin

#122 Osprey

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Thursday, March 16, 2017

#114 White Trillium, Canada 150 paintings by Natasa Vretenar

“A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.” Paul Cezanne

This project started as an idea in my head in December 2016, and I wanted to get to know Canada a bit better. It has been a wonderful journey so far and I cannot believe I am 3/4 of the project done!

#113 Blue Iris, Canada 150 paintings by Natasa Vretenar

#112 Purple Saxifrage, Canada 150 paintings by Natasa Vretenar

#111 Mayflower, Canada 150 paintings by Natasa Vretenar

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

#107 Prairie Crocus, Canada 150 paintings by Natasa Vretenar

Manitoba - Prairie Crocus

#106 Pacific Dogwood, Canada 150 paintings by Natasa Vretenar

British Columbia - Pacific Dogwood

#105 Wild Rose, Canada 150 paintings by Natasa Vretenar

The next series within 150 series of paintings will portray provincial flowers. I am starting with Alberta provincial flower - Wild Rose. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

#95 Grain Silo, Canada 150 paintings by Natasa Vretenar

Alberta iconic landscape with a grain silo. More of them are disappearing as the newer, modern ones replace the old wooden ones.

#94 Aurora, Canada 150 paintings by Natasa Vretenar

This is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in Canada. I was able to see it on several occasions right here in town in Edmonton.

#93 Maple Syrup, Canada 150 paintings by Natasa Vretenar

I must admit we did not use much maple syrup before coming to live in Canada! That stuff is good. I use it to sweeten things I bake and of course, we apply generous quantities of it on our pancakes.


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