Monday, December 31, 2018

Summary of 2018

I started 2018 with another 30 in 30 days project, lead by Leslie Saeta. My theme this year was "Mother". I like to start the year with full force and create intensely and every day. The results are not always good paintings but it brings a lot of creativity out of me.
Here is the collage of all the paintings

This year I was fortunate to travel to many beautiful places. We explored a lot of places in Alberta we have not been to before - we are lucky to live in such a beautiful place with amazing nature. Travel is really nice, and a great learning and bonding experience for our family, but it does interfere with the daily painting practice. This year I mostly did a lot of research and sketching, and took several online courses to dig deeper into my art practice. It has been a crazy and fun, and also somewhat difficult journey. 

My favorite is to work on large canvases and I was able to make a few large paintings as well this year. I tend to work smaller these days because of the space limitations and it is a treat to work on larger pieces. 

I finally found a space to show about 50 of my Canada 150 paintings - at the Whitemud Library in Edmonton. In spite of my tremendous effort to find a place to show all 150 paintings, it never happened, even though I really wanted to share my enthusiasm for living in Canada and its many beautiful animals and landscapes. Oh well. Glad to at least show these 50. 

I wrapped the year with an exhibit at the Westmount Library in Edmonton where I am showing my poppy and landscape paintings until January 2019. 

Hope everyone's year was as fun and as productive as mine, and cheers to the New 2019 Year!  

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