Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Vile pletu konjima grive

Happy New Year! I hope this year brings peace and prosperity to all.

This is my first painting this year. When I was a kid, adults told us all kinds of stories, from Greek mythology to Easop's fairytales, to local superstition inspired stories. One of the stories was that fairies would come to villages at night and make braids with horses' manes. I imagine it would be terrifying in the mountains of Bosnia at night, when wolves are howling and strange noises can be heard. Animals and people could be easily spooked, and out of those primal fears many stories are born.

This is 12x16" acrylic media painting. I am experimenting with a few textures here - black lava, ceramic stucco and white opaque flakes. These are all Liquitex mediums and I like to try the professional mediums and I like to use products I find at Home Depot.

I deleted my Facebook account - I felt it was sucking my valuable time, and the time I spent on FB was not contributing to my happiness or artistic journey. I will be posting regularly on my blog though and on Instagram. 

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