Friday, February 1, 2019

Lifetime of work

I have been an artist all my life. I am able to express in my art things I cannot express in words. It is truly a lifelong passion which grows every day. Every day is a work day, but right now I do not feel the urge to share everything I am working on with the world. This dedication and daily practice are behind every finished painting. Sometimes other people do not understand this, and many ask how long did it take to make a painting. The only answer to that is "a lifetime". Many also ask to get my art for free, but that is not possible and I have learned not to take it personally.

Snow keeps falling here and everything is covered in a thin blanket of fluffy white layer. It is peaceful and very quiet when I go out for my walk. In the next few days the temperatures will drop to our usual January ones (up to -40 with a windchill) and walks are out of question then, but I have the most beautiful view from my living room and even at those temperatures life is pleasant inside.

I was looking at my inventory and all the work I have done in the past 7 years. There was a lot of texture, color, experimentation, and mainly nature inspired work. One may even say - a lot of pretty little (and big) paintings. I think I painted beautiful things to make the transition to living in a harsh climate easier, and it definitely made our home more cheerful and energized. I find it a bit surprising that I never got into painting snow inspired paintings, but even in the coldest days I look for the color. There is a lot of color around us in the North. Here is a typical winter sunrise here in Edmonton. When I am able to catch this view early in the morning, the whole day carries the intensity of these clouds.

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