Monday, April 19, 2010

Palette knife painters blog

I am so excited - I have been accepted to contribute to another fabulous art blog gallery - This is an international site and is growing every day. Please go and visit and enjoy this beautiful website.

I was looking at my paintings I did using the palette knives and I realized that half or more of my knives have mysteriously disappeared from my studio. Well, they are probably in my kids' art supply collection. They like to use some of my art supplies sometimes for their projects and I delight in sharing with them. Kids are so creative and I really like to encourage them to use their creativity.

In the next week or so I would like to post a few posts of works in progress using the palette knives. I don't necessarily have a technique developed - rather it is in itself a work in progress. WIth every new painting I discover a better way to hold a knife or to spread the paint around, or to blend colors. It is definitely an exciting process. I also like to mix techniques and use brush in a later stage of painting for finer details.

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