Friday, May 7, 2010

Plum Brandy (Slivovitz - Shljivovica)

Painting is an ongoing challenge. Learning new techniques, using new tools and colors makes me happy. I love using texture and bright colors in my paintings. Living in the Southwest most of my adult life probably has something to do with that! The colors out here are intense and lighting is absolutely incredible especially before and after the storms. New Mexico is a beautiful state and I am planning to take several trip this summer to explore its fabulous nature. One thing that makes painting NM landscapes so attractive to me is that they are abstract on their own. The shapes and colors and textures look like they are from another planet in a lot of places.
From Natasa's Art
Here it is - result of my first experimentation with Blick palette painting knives! It is a lot of fun to paint with palette knives. On this painting I used black gesso - I like how the dark color protrudes through layers of paint. I was looking around the house for an interesting object to paint and found my chutura from Sarajevo. I brought some slivovitz in it long time ago and saved it as a nice souvenir from Bosnia. Slivovitz is of course long gone :).

Again, I used lots of purple and had to stop myself from overdoing the silver roses.

16"X20" on gallery wrapped canvas.

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