Monday, May 24, 2010

Large Aspen/Birch Painting in Progress

This painting is the largest format i have ever attempted to paint. It is 4'X6' big.  I like painting the large format canvas - but this also requires a lot more effort, paint and time to complete. FIrst, I used black gesso to prepare the canvas and give it the first layer of texture. Then I sculpted the trees using Liquitex flexible modeling paste. Then I used a mixture of white and black paint to get the aspen tree trunk lines going. I will try and put another layer of paint on the trunks and then the real fun begins! Then I start sculpting the knots and make smaller branches and I leave the leaves for the end. I have not decided which season these will be in - right now they scream winter but I am in the mood for warmer weather.... We'll see.

From Natasa's Art

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