Sunday, July 4, 2010

What a day!

This is a double rainbow in northern NM a few days ago - it was unbelievably beautiful and a rare sight to see a full double rainbow - it was huge!

We went for a walk along Bosque today (by Rio Grande Nature Center) and a huge tree fell down right in front of us! It was so scary and our family was within 5 yards from it! Good thing it did not hit another tree - it would be impossible to avoid it if it fell in our direction. That certainly would be a strange way to depart this world.

Then we stopped by Los Poblanos lavender store and looked at the lilly pond - it looks gorgeous this time of the year. They also have lavender fields and it smells delightful. I took a lot of pictures and am sure there will be some paintings soon. Love the lavender!!! It reminds me of Adriatic coast.

Happy 4th of July!
Live colorfully!


  1. i like your photos
    but i was realy scared when the tree fell down

  2. don't worry my love :) hugs and kisses


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