Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Fragmented I" Abstract Acrylic Mixed Media by Natasa Vretenar

Science and Art intertwine in my life. On my life journey I embraced them both - off and on and sometimes even found time to do both concurrently. My main interest is optics - science of light.

The question whether light are streams of particles (corpuscles) or waves is a very old one. This "either - or"formulation was classically natural and alien to the advanced "both - and" even the "neither - nor" solution of today. Early in the nineteenth century experiments were suggested and made to show that light is a wave motion.

Newton's theory of light had seemed suitable to explain the straight-line casting of sharp shadows of objects placed in a light beam. But wave theory was needed to explain interference where the light intensity can be enhanced in some places and diminished in other places behind a screen with a slit or several slits. The wave theory is also able to account for the fact that the edges of a shadow are not quite sharp.

This dual nature of light is fascinating, and to be able to mathematically and experimentally play with light is truly a joy to me. 

In art - I also love to play with light. In this case - it is with colors. Mixing colors to achieve the desired effect is not trivial. I also try adding new elements to my paintings that bring a new dimension to it. Today's painting is an abstract in which i used 6 mm diameter glass beads to refract the light and add 3D effect to the painting. 

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