Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Refreshed" abstract nude by Natasa Vretenar

As an artist I find human body to be beautiful, and oh so very hard to capture its beauty with paint. 

Since I was a kid I loved swimming. In the lakes, sea, ocean, pools - you name it! This painting was made as I was thinking about coming out of a lake and running through the tall grass to grab a towel to dry off water droplets. 12"X12" on gallery wrapped canvas. Made with palette knives.

U zadnje vrijeme slikam spahtlama i uzivam u tome. Svidja mi sto mogu da nanosim debele slojeve boje na platno bez poteskoca. 


  1. Wow Wow WOW!!!! Natasa this is a stunning piece, one I would be thrilled to display in my (small but beloved) collection. So glad to be getting a peek at your artwork, thank you....

  2. Ruzo moja, hvala ti na podrsci od pocetka puno puno! bubim

  3. Shar - i am glad you like it. I will have a show soon - will keep you updated. Seeing it in person is much better :))


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