Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Buffalo 24x36", Natasa Vretenar


I am back in Edmonton, and painted today after settling in yesterday. It is fun to travel but it definitely disrupts the painting routine. I am not complaining though - got a ton of lovely reference photos and a few sketches while traveling.

I am back to my animal series. This painting is a big painting 2 ft by 3 ft. I painted it with a lot of texture and tried a few more Holbein colours. I just love their beautiful selection of different hues - can't get them in other brands and they are bright and unusual.

oh, and here is a closeup of the texture


  1. This is a fabulous painting. I love Holbein colors.

  2. THanks Susan! Holbein colors are great - I only used 10-15 so far and just checked their website and they say they have 113 different hues! I have been slacking :)


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