Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Summer break is over

This summer went by so quickly! We traveled a lot and I had very little time to paint, although I did sneak in sketching and taking a lot of reference photos. I have so many beautiful photos of British Columbia - looking forward to painting them in the winter time. I always paint pretty, summer scenes when we are in deep minus here in Alberta.

I am now working on a few large paintings for my next solo show at the Glenrose Rehab Hospital. My show "Alberta's Majesty" will be at the Mezzanine Gallery, which is their largest gallery space and it is in a busy part of the hospital. I hope that some of the energy from my paintings will rub off on patients and speed up their healing process. It is a good feeling to get back into a routine and create again every day. First few days were going a bit slow and I could not focus. On the other hand, I have a well organized space now.

I will include this Lake Louise diptych in GRH show.

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