Wednesday, December 9, 2015


It is a busy time of the year with all the activities in our life. I am still trying to put in a few hours of work every day.

I got great news - my art has been accepted again at Glenrose Hospital for 2016 programming! It will be on display in August and September, and this time I will exhibit my animals. Most likely all the paintings will be brand new :). The exhibit that is on now at GRH is coming down on the 14th of December. Thanks to all those who stopped by and enjoyed my paintings while they were on display there in the past two months! I am grateful for the opportunities that GRH art selection committee has given me and am looking forward to the next exhibit preparation!

My studio has been great so far - I go there to work almost daily. I have been quite productive there already. I still have an area set up at home to work on small paintings, and to work when the kids are not feeling well and have to stay at home. One does not need a lot of space to do the work, but it does help if there is more space available. This is especially important for those who work larger and need storage space for all the art! I am still thinking about the storage solutions for my studio. I am most likely getting some shelving at Costco (with wheels) to store my stuff. Once I get the shelving in - my studio will be pretty much set for a while!

I have also put 6 of my paintings up for auction at JP Fiset swim meet this weekend at Kinsmen. Proceeds benefit our Olympian Swim Club. I hope all paintings sell (well) and help us support our little fishes :).

These are the paintings that are open to bidding.

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The Messenger of Immortality 12x24"