Thursday, January 12, 2017

#12 "Bald Eagle", Canada 150 paintings by Natasa Vretenar

Last night and this morning we had the coldest weather so far - -45deg with a windchill! That is cold. I did venture out to do a few things though. I also picked up about 150 new substrates (you guessed it - 11" diameter 3/4" thick). Mark from Captive Cutting in Leduc made them for me and I already prepped 15 substrates with black gesso. Today was a busy day with varnishing as well - I varnished 29 paintings with two layers of varnish! Yeah! That is a lot of prep and finishing work in one day, but it is something that needs to be done. 
I am constantly thinking about this series and what is the next painting or ten of them going to be :). 
I keep adding new things to refine my list for 150 paintings. 

11" diameter 3/4" thick birch plywood substrate, custom made.

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