Monday, April 17, 2017

Travel, fun, routines

I have been traveling for a couple of weeks, and did not have a chance to write at all. April is a busy month for us - 3 birthdays and an anniversary, plus Easter celebration. It is my favourite month of the year, but it sure is a busy one, especially when you throw a trip in.

I have never been to Hawaii before and I love it! We spent 2 weeks in Oahu and explored the entire island. I am inspired to make a series of paintings based on our travel there. But first, i am gearing up to finish my Canada 150 project - I have only 10 more paintings to finish, and then I have to varnish and put wire on the back for about 50 more and it will be done. I am still looking for a place to show all the paintings together and no luck so far. I am hoping that at least one application I sent out will support local artist. Edmonton is a tough place to be an artist. There are not that many places to show art, and galleries do not support local artists much.

There are a couple of old projects that I have to finish still, and I have a couple new ones in mind. Exciting to think about working on all that! Today I am cleaning up our place and going to take a long hike to shake off some of that food coma from this weekend. Tomorrow is a good day to get back into my routine.

Here is a photo of the first 50 paintings for the Canada 150 project. I really hope to find a place to show all the paintings together - it would be great to see them as an entire group.

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