Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Koi-D1 koi painting by Natasa Vretenar

As we go through life, we change. Change is triggered by life events - like going away to college, or having a child, or getting a job, or a death of a loved one. Sometimes we continue swimming up the stream and sometimes we let the water float us down the stream. And sometimes, we set the goal that is not easy to achieve, and we have to swim against the current and be strong to reach that goal. The journey transforms us, and the journey can be long and sometimes painful. On this journey there are plenty failures, and acknowledging this can sometimes be the hardest part.

This series has a deep meaning to me - it is all about persistence and tenacity and growth. I made 14 paintings with the dragon skin border. As the moment of transformation approaches, the border grows and the skin becomes more visible. This painting has a smaller border, meaning that the koi are just beginning their journey. 

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