Saturday, June 3, 2017

Moose paintings

The animal I always associated Canada with is the moose. There was a couple of young ones who came through our neighbourhood a few years ago. It was strange to see them in an urban setting like that. Those two are actually the only two I saw in Canada in five years we have lived here. They are elusive in the wild - I spotted a lot of wildlife on our travels through the mountains: wolves, caribou, bears, birds, elk, deer, goats, sheep etc. , but never a moose. This is surprising to me since we saw a lot of them every time we went to Estes Park in CO. Canadian moose are more shy I suppose (or just not that used to humans as those in CO).

This is the first painting of a moose I did "In a Rut" 36x60".

This one is a part of my #Canada150 project, 11" diameter.

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