Thursday, July 13, 2017

Music and art

Music was always an integral part of my life. In the neighborhood where I grew up, there was an elementary music school right next to my regular elementary school. I really wanted to play an instrument so my parents enrolled me in this music school to play flute. I have such fond memories attending this school for six years - from the beginning of the third to the end of the eighth grade. I had private lessons two times per week, and solfeggio two times per week, plus orchestra performances and recitals later on. We even had a flute choir with over 20 flutes participating, and I played for a while in the local ethnic music club.

Playing an instrument has taught me to be disciplined, to practice every day to get better. This work habit has proven to be useful while I attended the University, worked as an engineer, and now while practicing my art full time.

I picked up playing the flute in my senior year of high school in the marching band, and then did not play again until well in my 20s when I signed up for a few classes at the University of New Mexico. This is where I really learned to play seriously for the first time with an amazing professor - Valerie Potter. Professional musicians are some of the most hard working people I met.
I never did pursue a professional path in music, but am eternally grateful to my professors at UNM for deepening my love for music, and making me work hard to slightly improve my playing skills. I regularly pick up my flute and play a piece or two just for my own good. I like to play when my substrates are drying between the layers of paint.

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