Saturday, July 15, 2017

Speaking of exhibits

I went to pick up my paintings from the Harcourt House member's show today, and found out that my painting "The Neighbourhood Watch" was sold. That is always good news. I often wonder who buys my art, and why they bought it.  I like the people who run the Harcourt House and their next door neighbours VAA - always welcoming and friendly.

It is great to bring home less paintings than what you took to the show. This sale comes at a time when I was feeling discouraged by all the rejections this year - everywhere I look locally for an opportunity to show art doors are closed. I find it that people in general like my art when I do show it publicly and I always get great feedback. I just cannot crack the juries who decide what goes into local shows. It does not matter - I keep working on my art. That is what matters, and the fact that one person in Edmonton liked my art enough to buy it makes it all right! So thank you my new collector, I hope you enjoy owning my painting as much as I enjoyed making it.

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