Sunday, July 16, 2017

Summer clean up

Ocellated Turkey

The weather here is kind of funky this week - hot, muggy, smokey, so I am cleaning up. We took a huge load to the Goodwill yesterday (outgrown bike, boots, winter clothing that does not fit any more and some other household goods that we do not use). It amazes me that we still have so much to give away, even though we are extra careful what we bring home and we don't shop for things unless we need them. Living in a condo has been great for our family - we have so much time to spend doing meaningful things with our family, maintenance of the place is minimal and security high, and comfort level is high - car is always warm, no snow shoveling in 5 years we have lived in Canada, no lawn mowing, and our place is always warm in the winter. I will never own a house in a harsh climate like this - the weather here is not kind on man made structures. It is not kind on humans either but I will complain about that some other day.

I came across this little painting of a turkey that lives in Yucatan peninsula primarily. I love how colourful these turkeys are!

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