Saturday, September 30, 2017

Collage of 30 paintings in 30 days by Natasa Vretenar

Wow, I cannot believe I actually did another 30 in 30 challenge. I dared to go to a new, unexplored territory and attempted to do 30 figure paintings. I feel that this was a good experiment, to keep things fresh and challenging.

One of the goals for this month was to tone down the intense colors I love to work with, and see if I would survive, or if the world would collapse if I used a limited palette. Well, it turns out things are as they ever were, but I did manage to stick to only a few colors in this series even though I longingly stared at my neon Holbein tubes more than once (per day). I was strong mentally and did not succumb to this pressure from my own gray cells.

Another goal was to try and paint human figure. My friend and I went to Harcourt House figure drawing drop in sessions this month, and that helped me focus on portraying the human body as well. It is not easy to stay focused the entire month on one subject, especially if the subject is out of my comfort zone, so having support from other artists is important to me. As I kept painting human figure, I thought about different ideas that a painting can represent, and the end result is a mix of ideas representing idioms from different languages, proverbs, mythology, different emotions, or stages in one's life. I write down a lot of things in my sketchbook while creating these small paintings, and it is never clear which idea may or may not become a new series of my work.

I am happy I found a way to use the remaining 11" substrates I had left over from 150 in 150 days project. I still have a few of them left, and I would like to paint some flowers on them. I miss painting flowers and landscapes.

I create art, and art brings contentment.

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