Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Never look back, by Natasa Vretenar

The weather in Edmonton is absolutely perfect this week. Chilly in the mornings, sunny, clear from smoke, no mosquitoes. I have been taking advantage of it and take long walks in the ravine for a couple of hours. It is quiet in the forest, and quite peaceful. We are fortunate to have such an extended park trail network here - lived in Edmonton for five years and have not explored more than half of the trails in the city. While walking I think about what to paint next and many ideas pop in my head. I have to write them down in my sketchbook as soon as I come back home. I am mostly thinking about ideas for the small painting challenge, but these ideas are directly connected to another series I am working on and have been working on for a while. More on that later.

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The Messenger of Immortality 12x24"