Saturday, September 23, 2017

No Worries, painting by Natasa Vretenar

Today I went to check out the gallery walk on the 124th street in Edmonton with a friend. There are nine galleries on this block and they offer a variety of artwork. My favorite one was Peter Robertson gallery. Gentleman who was there (not sure if he was the owner) was friendly and welcoming. He introduced us to wonderful work by Steve Driscoll. I wish I saw the exhibit they had last year with water in the gallery - they actually flooded the gallery floor with 6 in of water! Other gallery greeters/owners were not even saying hello to potential customers. This is nothing new here (we have experienced this before during art walks or even opening nights at galleries in Edmonton) and it is definitely something that Edmonton gallerinas could improve on.

There are so many local artists that are amazing, and it is a pleasure to visit galleries to see what is represented here. Unfortunately, not many local artists are represented. Hopefully in the future that may change.

Here is my "No Worries" painting.

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