Sunday, October 22, 2017

Halloween stuff

We always have so much fun for Halloween. This year we made an Oogie Boogie costume from scratch, and it was as much fun to make it as it is to wear it. The mask making involved making a plaster helmet, foam, duct tape, fake burlap and cutting up an old outgrown Halloween costume (black fabric for the eyes and mouth), and finishing with stitches with black yarn. We are ready to go trick-or-treating!

Here is where you can find detailed info on how to make a costume
Thank you Semrau family!

We did change a few things, we used old sneakers for the feet and glued the fabric to them. We stuffed the hoodie and feet with stuffing from a cheap pillow from IKEA, and hot glued the same cheap three pillows inside the body for added volume.The costume is probably the best we ever made so far!All in all, it cost about $45 CAD (mainly for the fabric and glue sticks and 4 ikea pillows). We had yarn, plaster, scissors, velcro for the back, foam, and old shoes available, as well as a lot of time to make it. It was a great bonding experience with my son too! He made most of the costume and I helped - time spent doing it together - priceless!

We went to two Halloween events to test it and will still make a few modifications to the mask - the plaster was crumbling in a few spots and getting into hair and eyes. 

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