Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Thoughts on being a self taught artist III

Since I love to paint animals, I spend a lot of time in nature and at the zoos. I probably have taken a gazillion pictures of various wildlife. I also watch the birds and bunnies straight from my balcony - there is a lot of action in the field outside my windows. I observe their motion, flight path, feather arrangements, muscles, proportions and color. Because I am quite busy with motherly work, a camera comes in handy (does not have to be a fancy one). For better reference photos it is nice to have a mid range SLR camera like Cannon Rebel with a telephoto lens and a good wide angle lens. Initial investment is maybe pricey but totally worth it in the long run. I have owned my Rebel for 6 years now and it works just as well today as when brand new. I only use my own reference photos for my work. It is good to have a bunch of reference photos to look at any time when I have time to paint. I am also grateful for zoos. At this time in my life I cannot afford (time and money wise) to travel to remote locations and observe animals I like to paint in nature, so zoos are in my humble opinion amazing places to hone my artistic skills.

Online classes with artists whose work I like are another way to develop my own skills as an artist. I just signed up for a year long course starting in November to boost the creative process. Looking forward to it.

In the future, I would love to take workshops with artists I admire. There are many week long workshops and conferences I have put on my to do list, but it will all have to wait until my kids are a bit older. This is definitely the most costly part of one's development as an artist, as these workshops are not available locally. However, comparing it to tuition costs, even workshop costs do not seem so high.

Being self-taught is always a work in progress.
This guy was making really weird motorcycle noises at the zoo in Edmonton! He was agitated and looked quite menacing. He did not appreciate all the visitors to the zoo that day. 

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