Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Thoughts on being self taught II

So what is a self-taught artist like me to do, in a city where they do not fit into an art education mold? There are many ways to grow as an artist, and resources are quite readily available.

I am regular visitor to our local library and I study art history constantly - probably not a day goes by that I do not read something related to art, artists from the past and present. I also spend time on social media browsing through new works of my art "friends". I try not to spend too much time on Facebook or Instagram these days, but I enjoy doing it and I have "met" so many wonderful, productive and innovative artists through social media. It can be very inspiring if you don't get too involved and spend too many hours browsing through other people's posts. This part (particularly using the library resources) are free. Furthermore, one can exchange books with friends.

Working daily is the most important thing for me - whether it is just a sketch, or a complete painting, it does not matter. What matters is that I work every day. Sometimes I just manage to write down the idea in my sketchbook, and that is it! For me it is important that I put these ideas down in writing, and sometime later when I do have time to work on a painting, I develop these ideas into a work of art, or even a series of paintings. This also does not require much monetary commitment. Supplies may be expensive for artists, but sketchbooks and pencils (or pens) are not much. Besides, one can buy a lot of paint and substrates for one semester worth of tuition money.
This picture was taken at the overlook above the Bow river and close to Bow river falls. What a magnificent place! Look at all those tough, resilient trees growing from the cliff, the water rumbling, and beautiful mountains in the background!

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