Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Collage of 30 in 30 paintings January 2018

I did it again - finished 30 paintings in 30 days project in January! This year I did some of the work in December because of the travel plans in January though. Many thanks to Leslie Saeta for organizing the challenge - I am grateful for this experience (this is my 5th year doing the challenge at the beginning of the year!)

This project actually takes a lot more than 30 days in reality. I started planning it in November when I ordered and received my custom substrates from Captive Cutting. Mark does a wonderful job and makes them fast. When the substrates were delivered, I prepped them with a couple of layers of gesso and then painted the background with a few layers. All the prep work takes quite a bit of time. Thinking about composition, details of each painting, symbolism, theme within the theme, how it all ties together - this is the major undertaking and a ton of work as well. I have been thinking about this theme and project pretty much constantly for 3 months (well intensely and focused on my art, because I have been living as a mother for 15 years now!).

One of the challenges with making series like this is to keep yourself motivated. To stay on track I subdivided the project into smaller parts. I created five groups of paintings. Each group started with a smaller 3x18" painting symbolizing a sub theme: Love, Health,  Wisdom, Nurture, Community.

This series of paintings is in a sense an experimental series - I tried different mediums and techniques. The paintings reflect crafts that were done in my family: embroidery, weaving, needlepoint, knitting, beading, and crocheting. The small and big dots, thick and thin lines, repetition of patterns was used to emulate these crafts. I grew up watching the women in my family making beautiful things.

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