Sunday, February 4, 2018


The hardest thing is to be honest with one's self. I am devoting this entire year to being more honest with myself in regards to what it is I am trying to do with my art. Ardith Goodwin's class is providing a great guidance on this quest. I am grateful for being a part of the class with so many supportive and creative souls! It has been helping me to focus on things that matter the most to me in my creative process.

One of the exercises we had to do is to pick a favorite color. I said that purple was it, but another artists pointed out that there is not much purple in my work! So I went back last 10 years and realized that I really do not use much purple in my work. And there it was - glaring at me - red! I apparently love using red in my work - a whole range of red. There is also a lot of blue - a whole range too - from teals to cobalts. I remember a few years back I did realize that I never bought any green paint, so I went and bought some for a small series I did. I forced myself to use the color I was not comfortable with for some reason at the time. By pushing my limits with color I was able to paint subjects I did not dare touch before - like a large painting of a mountain meadow, full of grass and wild flowers.

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