Sunday, April 15, 2018

Always work to do

Today I am grateful that I always enjoyed working. I worked in jobs and on projects that were challenging, most of the time hard work, but satisfying.

Artist always has work to do! I caught up a bit on my class assignments with Ardith Goodwin's Push Past Ordinary class, watched some art related videos, and picked up more art books from the library to read. Education is ongoing - one can always learn more about art history, techniques, materials, or personal lives of the artists. Another thing that I have been pushing off is varnishing. I am not particularly fond of this task, and since I have not been able (in spite of my huge efforts) to find a place to show my art this year, I have not been proactive on the matter. Now I have a gazillion paintings to varnish, and I will try and tackle that task soon.

Yesterday I went to YEG gallery walk. I think going to galleries during a major event like this is educational too - there were so many people out there on a sunny day. It was nice to see that locals are into visiting galleries and checking out art.

In the mean time, I am even more interested in digging deeper into my art creation. Traveling throws me off course, and I am happy to get into my routine and finish some paintings that have been marinating in my head for a long time! I feel like I have to finish all these projects before I start yet another one. It is hard for me to stay focused on one project if I don't actually have a show and a deadline to finish up. That is when I am the most productive - the more I work the more my productivity goes up!

I am posting another older painting today - still trying to visualize Spring (we are getting two more days of snow apparently!). 12x24", acrylic

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The Messenger of Immortality 12x24"