Friday, April 6, 2018

Mama bear, 24x24"

Today I am grateful for many artists who support me in real life and online in my quirky art endeavours and join me on my imaginative and creative journey. I appreciate every comment and like and criticism I receive, as they help me dig deeper and also help me see things from another perspective outside my own little bubble.

As an artist one has to develop thick skin. There are many ways that an artist can get discouraged - by rude customers, gallery representatives who are not respectful, to art critics, and in my humble opinion - the worst kind - by other artists. Once upon a time, I was watching a video of an artist I admire, who is world renowned and a famous artist in Canada. At some point during the show he proclaimed that the only way to paint nature is his way. I was surprised by his arrogance and dismissal of any other painting styles. I realize art is subjective, and I don't like a lot of art that is out there, but I always try and educate myself about where the artist is coming from.

The other day - another artist whose work I like, inquired in a sort of snobby way on FB why there are so many colourful, square bear paintings out there. I immediately thought of this painting I did about 5 years ago

Yep, it's colourful, square and with bears lol. I paint bears because bear represents strong medicine including the powers in the areas of wisdom, strength and healing. Bears have been in my life since I was a kid - images of Gypsies parading bears through our neighbourhood, or bears roaming freely in the countryside were not uncommon in Bosnia. It is important to find where artist's motivation is coming from. Even if they are painting in a certain style because right now it sells - does that give another artist a right to diminish their artistic efforts? What's it to them and why disparage other creatives efforts just because they do something the other does not want to or likes to do?

In any case, I am glad I pulled this painting out of the artistic memory files.


  1. I'm glad you pulled out your very unique bear painting. Love the jewel tones you used throughout, the abstract stripes in background suggesting a forest, the expressions rendered on both animals. I'm the mother of an almost 31-year-old boy, and it was just seconds ago he was the age of your sons. We're lucky ladies.

  2. 31 yr? I don't believe it! I am really enjoying seeing them grow up and change throughout the years. Thank you so much for your input on my paintings - this also is an older painting - i used to use a lot more texture and mediums then.


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