Saturday, April 7, 2018

Working from home

Today I am grateful for being able to work at home. Earlier today we got a bit of fresh snow, and now sun is peaking though. Hopefully, sun will win and we can enjoy some warmer temperatures. Even for Canada, we are having an unusually cold April this year.

I took the day off from making art to do some spring cleaning and rearranging furniture. I keep finding storage spaces for my paintings that I did not know existed :). Living in Japan for 3 weeks reminded me that humans do not really need big homes to live comfortably and that space can be utilized to be more functional in a smaller area. Every once in a while I think about why we live in a condo and here are the main reasons:

1) It is so easy! No snow shovelling for us!
2) We spend way less on unnecessary purchases because we just cannot bring more stuff in our limited space.
3) The car is always warm and ready to start, even when it is -40 degrees outside.
4) We spend more quality time with kids, talking, cooking, etc.
5) We have more time for creative endeavours.
6) Commute to husband's work is short (within walking distance)
7) Our place is always warm, welcoming, and cozy.
8) Maintaining the place is a breeze
9) We are within 20 minutes (or less) drive from any place we want to be at
10) A few good neighbors.

Living in our space makes it easy to enjoy life. I find that living in a cold climate is more demanding on living and non living things - homes endure more damage, as well as a human body. Living simply is a key to being content in this climate. The most important for me is that simple living allows me to spend time with family. We welcome friends in our warm home often, as socializing and laughter is crucial in being able to thrive in long winters.

Here is another oldie. Yes, I am trying to visualize spring :). It is still going on and we are in for a longer stretch. 

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