Monday, May 7, 2018

Precious time spent with children

My parents both worked full time, but they spent a lot of quality time at home. We used to go for walks along the river often, and spent our vacation time either at the seaside or the countryside surrounded by nature. My dad taught me much about astronomy, biology, natural phenomenons, cloud formation etc. on those walks and hikes. The conversations I had with mom and dad growing up are what I treasure the most in life. They are both long gone and I miss them both dearly. Even though I am going through my fifth decade on this earth - I still wish that I could talk with them about things going on in my life.

We learn from our parents, and I am finding out I am learning from my kids now too. They give me different perspective on things, and their enthusiasm for life is contagious. This last weekend we spent doing so many fun things - bike rides, hikes, birthday party for a friend's kid, cooking, even shopping and other stuff. The time spent with them is precious. Family is a gift.

The Gift, 11x23", acrylic media


  1. Oh, Nataša, how well your artwork embodies the sentiments you write about! Family truly is a the greatest gift if they are as giving as yours were and are. Bless you for sharing this and bless your family always.

  2. Thanks Laurelle! Much appreciated :)


The Messenger of Immortality 12x24"